Pro Rail Inspections, LLC was founded in 2003 by Bill Delgado, Crown Point, Indiana.  After leaving his Rail Industry employer, Bill believed he could help rail car buyers receive a better quality product by working together with rail car builders.  Pro Rail Inspections continuously strives to improve its inspection process through constant and productive communication with both the builder and the buyer.  To achieve top product quality, Pro Rail Inspections maintains a staff of inspectors fully trained in all aspects of the manufacturing process. From Fabrication to Exterior paint and Interior lining our inspectors know how to ensure compliance to industry standards.  And, in Mexico, lining includes NACE Level 1 and soon NACE Level 2.  

Since 2003, Pro Rail Inspections has worked closely with top manufacturers and buyers throughout North America to build a reputation of fair and knowledegable reporting of quality performance.  Our growth has come from word of mouth of many satisfied customers who receive comfort from knowing that their investment is being expertly inspected. Such independent inspection provides extra assurance that quality standards are met for important investments.  

"Don't expect what you don't inspect"